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Gary Marcus Judge

Free to fly

A dream. An boundless journey through life joining the dots.
This printed work speaks of me, my life, my childhood, my travels and events that have touched my soul.
It was written to show that life does not always give you “the winning hand”, but through perseverance and bravery, you can have it all.
Writing this book brought me in contact with my inner self, one that I had ignored all my life. I relived al my existential emotions: fear, wonder, abandonment, desperation, joy, love and finally stability. A whirlwind of emotions that took shape through the written pages.
I carry with me moments of despair, trials and tribulations however, this book is a message to my children that here stands a man who fought his battles and won. He never gave up!
The real Gary has shown up and can be counted upon. Now I can see the bigger picture of life and the wonderous thing is, I see where I fit in. I finally recognize myself.

Gary Marcus Judge is a successful entrepreneur, student, husband and father to three wonderful children.
Of Anglo-Indian origins, he has been an English language teacher for more than 25 years.
Currently an international business coach and mentor, he works with managers and company owners on topics as varied as leadership, communication and team management.
Passionate about nature and the outdoors, his interests include trekking, photography, soul and reggae music.
His outlook on life is: “We experience what we do because it is what we need to grow. Good and bad. We were not created to stand still, through our interactions and difficulties we become the person our existence needs.

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ISBN: 978-88-6358-714-2
Anno pubblicazione: 2022
Genere: Narrativa



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