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Marco Radice, Chiara Zamariola

Lasiuly Moore. For-give

A fairy tale factory coming true is the dream we can all be a part of.

Lasiuly Moore is a living legend. She represents millions of women around the world and makes things happen every day.
Passionate and light-hearted, she loves the colors and scents of humanity. She collects emotions, she can see the needreams of other people, and grants their wishes.
With a red string bracelet on her wrist, a blue ocean in her eyes, a wonderful friend named Virginia, a notebook where she jots down her thoughts, a great mission in her heart, and a star that can light up any night, Lasiuly's is an extraordinary adventure that we can all live. We can feel her, see her, breathe her.
Lasiuly struggles, stumbles, hesitates. Just like all of us.
But she faces uncertainty, finds courage, learns to accept herself and others, discovers forgiveness, pursues evolution, believes in rebirth… and makes miracles happen. Because on tiptoe, things do happen.
This way, Lasiuly Moore does those small and great things that we call beauty and happiness. Looking beyond, she has learned that there are no boundaries, just infinite horizons.
You could meet Lasiuly in Manhattan, on the shoreline of Long Beach, in London, in Milan and and who knows where else! She always celebrates one date: September 27.

Spread kindness everywhere and think kind thoughts.

This is the second book on Lasiuly Moore. Reading the first one as well is, of course, highly recommended!

Marco Radice

The Manager of an American multinational company, he works basically 24 hours a day, so he had to make a virtue out of necessity, trying to achieve a balance between his career and his personal life.
Far from any Comfort Zone, he is pragmatic, inspired by the Blue Ocean strategy, and always willing to explore new challenges and new emotions.
He definitely knows the art of making things happen, he is goal oriented and he always gets excellent results.
He often travels for business, in particular to the US.
He loves Manhattan, especially in December, when the majestic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, the Tree of Dreams, turns into a rainbow of lights. He has visited Manhattan several times, and if you look into his eyes, you realize “he is still there, in Manhattan”.
So, under a starry sky, his romantic, positive and creative thinking stands out.

Chiara Zamariola
The Manager of a European multinational company, she works with passion focusing on improvement, and she is more than happy to spend her time attending training courses.
She is an incredibly good listener, and she likes observing people and their interactions "with no glasses". She travels a lot for business, also abroad, and she loves it because travelling means new experiences, in terms of both personal and professional relationships.
She always carry a glitter lipstick and her dreams in her bag. A glitter lipstick to make life sparkle, and dreams, because she knows how much it is important to take care of dreams, if you want them to come true. She knows the value of positive thinking.
She loves London, and she takes a flight to spend a few days there as soon as she can.
Some nights, she finds time to play with her thousand colored pencils and anything can happen...

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Prezzo: 18,00
ISBN: 978-88-6358-828-6
Anno pubblicazione: 2023
Genere: Narrativa



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