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Raffaele Cammarota

Do you Want to Live o Survive? The choice is yours.

How to achieve Harmony of Mind, Body and Soul.

“Nothing can be realized if it has not been a dream before! To be happy or unhappy, it’s a question of choice.”

“Because life is like a glass: it reflects the way you relate to it. If you fear it, you will get back the object of your fears. If you start fighting against it, it will be a hard battle; if otherwise you finally give up and abandon any form of fighting, then life, pure joy, abundance, happiness will run towards you.”

Learning the art of staying well with ourselves and living happy.
This first involving book by Raffaele Cammarota is a practical-philosophical-spiritual manual on how to try to achieve harmony of mind, body and soul. On how to have a clear and positive mind; a healthy body and full of energy; a soul free to follow its own aim and to achieve the full self-realization.
It suggests the fundamental keys to open doors always locked inside us, and finally be able to live in harmony with ourselves and with the world.
To stop fighting everything and everyone, to learn to accept ourselves, the others, and the events without judging, spontaneously growing the seed that is unique in all of us.
An illuminating book that, expertly alternating metaphorical language to practical advices, guides the reader towards the discovery and the self-acceptance.
Like a good tailor he offers the best cloth to use, to be able to leave to each one the task of carving out the tailored suit most suitable for them.
To finally understand that true life and true happiness are those things that run under our eyes while we are busy and distracted to achieve something else.

Raffaele Cammarota.
Lucano by birth. He lives between Scalea (Cs) and Satriano di Lucania (Pz).Communicator, advertiser and teacher. A degree in Economics and Commerce from Rome “La Sapienza”. Project creator and director of the editorial project “Pianeta SUD”.
Strong upholder of the importance of the positive thought and of the personal development, he studies and deepens knowledge about strategic communication, motivation, NLP, self-esteem, nutritional Science, biometeorology, meditation, Zen philosophy.
Creative style, self-ironic and anti-conventional. This is his first fundamental book.
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ISBN: 978-88-6358-231-4
Anno pubblicazione: 2014



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Raffaele Cammarota

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